See what mums, dads and the little ones have to say about Hartbeeps…
"My 6 month old shrieked with delight like never before at his first class.
I totally enjoyed myself too!"

"One of the best classes my daughter attends."

"Hartbeeps is a truly magical learning and sensory experience for babies and toddlers
which encourages movement, language and fun in an engaging and informal setting.
My 9 month old loves these classes and gets so excited when she hears the music."

"A fantastic music and sensory class run by a friendly creative and dedicated person.'"

"Everyone should know how great Hartbeeps is and should experience the excitement with
their children. Great fun learning with your children."

"Outstanding and fun class for both parents and children. Hartbeeps classes
have really helped my daughter develop her social and vocabulary skills."

"My children love the music, activities and stories and it's really boosted their confidence and awareness since we've been attending."

"The whole family always look forward to Hartbeeps. Classes are different and well planned. Our daughter has a wonderful imagination and this is down to Hartbeeps. Thursdays wouldn't be the same without this class.'"

"My 1 year old absolutely LOVES Hartbeeps! His little face lights up when he realizes where he is and he jumps, smiles and laughs all the way through. Girls that run it are so friendly and welcoming."

"Outstanding fun and attention to detail. The teacher really does get every child and parent involved.'"

"My daughter and I have been going to the Hartbeeps session since she was 2 and a half months old. She enjoys them so much and recognizes the songs, gets to socialize with other babies.It is fantastic, great fun and helps children with sounds, coordination."

"These are incredibly inspiring, entertaining, unique and educational experiences for young children. There are very well run and organized. The enthusiasm is second to none. There has been nothing like this in the area before.'"

"Hartbeeps are really different classes and always full of ideas to keep the little ones interested."

"My wife never stops talking about it!"