Our magical recipe for delicious sound journeys
1. Take a large portion of state-of-the-art music technology and mix with a talented Hartbeeps teacher
2. Pour over plenty of BIG FUN songs, beautiful sensory music and top with some magic sprinkles
3. Add some larger than life drama, over-sized gestures, fabulous facial expressions and mix it up round and round…
4. You can never have enough compassion and understanding so pile on dollops and dollps... it's very healthy, so don't hold back
5. And oodles of enthusiasm from the little people that take part in sessions and this will make the sound journey truly irresistible!!!
6. Whilst the mixture marinades, take some time to observe and listen to these clever little folk; we can learn so much and maybe discover some new things about ourselves too…
Suitable from birth to sitting
Babybells™ has been created by Hartbeeps specialist music productions in order to offer mothers a practical tool kit of lullabies, rhymes, tickle tunes, creative movement, relaxation and songs that are both informative and we hope delightful!
Suitable from sitting to toddling
This adventure for our bouncing, rhythmic, babbling, pre-walking babies take us on a beep beep journey in our baby cars around 'Babyland' – a squishy squashy place with no sharp edges; a colourful big bright wonderland; a place where everyday activities and routines are turned into "sing song" events.
Suitable from toddling to 4 years (siblings welcome)
The Hartbeeps Happy House™ represents our starting place every week and is a safe and familiar place to be. Children recognise and enjoy the rituals of entering our 'make-believe' happy house and sitting on the mat with 'Tatty Cat' our character puppet cat. We use listening skills as we listen to Tatty 'MEOW'…"Where is Tatty Cat"? We place our listening ears on and listen for sounds as we get ready to take a sound journey.
Full Term of 10 Weeks: AED 650
Per Class: AED 75