Suitable from toddling to 4 years (siblings welcome)
From 12 months to 4 years
The Happy House programme has been developed for
children from toddling up to approximately 4 years.
Classes can be adapted to meet varying age ranges and
is often delivered to a mixed age group as younger siblings are invited to share in this family-friendly class. Developing the imagination through sound plays, creative movement and props can be of immense pleasure and stimulation to an older Happy House child.

Repetition and variation are built into the programme to offer young children reassurance of continuity along with variation of a theme, opening the world of the imagination and the opportunity to explore one's own creativity. Each session is themed and every session is backed by prerecorded timed and skillfully produced soundtracks; composed and digitally recorded by Hartbeeps specialists. This alone gives each class its magical ambience and sets up each part of the session scene by scene, moment by moment; engaging and captivating busy young children from start to finish.